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Relaxed and Authentic is Powerful

The post-Covid world is done with cheap hoarding. People have had to relate with family and neighbours in very unpretentious ways, for over a year now. Lockdowns have made us connect at the nodes of our common humanity. Closets have been cleared out as many people re-evaluated their fashion sense...stilettos and shiny brogues are out! Hopping from one Zoom conference to the other in the kitchen / office / home-school classroom, means 'Smart and Comfortable' is the dress-up rule each morning.

Yet, the need to stand out still stands! There are job interviews, business introductions, even birthday parties all happening through laptop and phone screen cameras. What you wear is still projecting through the lens...

...speaking about you as it speaks to you, unvoiced words of your value.

At these times, the language of relaxed, authentic clothing is reassuringly powerful!

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