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Homespun re:imaged

Fresh colour and versatile comfort curate today's Home/Work spaces. Keeping productivity high is top of the list as people everywhere grapple with post-pandemic realities. We need creative energies and stimulating environments, to work well from home. Yet, there is the need to maintain that overall sense of homeliness, to be able to unwind and relax with loved ones in our living spaces.

Transforming the living area need not be an expensive interior decoration challenge, however. An exotic touch in just the right spot transforms the aesthetics and

balance of a room ...think a pot of orchids in bloom, balanced in a corner of a bookcase....a couple of miniature glass sculptures framed and hanging low on a lack-lustre wall...

So, for that often elusive work-life balance, cushion covers in Cambodian Silk could be just what the doctor ordered! Strong, natural fibres interwoven with a small content of elastane in gorgeous colour palettes, even a single cushion is commanding enough to create an atmosphere that is both uplifting and motivating. Silk has adorned Asian homes for millenia, impressive for its sheer beauty and durability.

In fact, your investment in any number of Cambodian Silk cushion covers will almost certainly continue to reward you, long after propping you up elegantly for countless Zoom meetings 😄

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